Education that will change your future!

During your studying Business Administration and Arts in Business Administration in Prague and California, you will get the excellent opportunity to undergo a paid internship in Europe and the United States, to get high-quality theoretical knowledge and to transform them into invaluable practical experience. University graduates receive job offers from the best companies in the world, building the foundation for their successful future from the very first days in school.

Double Degree Czech Republic + USA

2 years in Prague + 1 year in Irvine

A unique program that combines 2 years of studying the classical European management in the Czech Republic, the city of Prague and 1 year of prestigious business education in the United States, California, the city of Irvine.

USA, Irvine

Country of opportunity

The USA is the country with the strongest economy in the world and high labor productivity, the leader of innovative technologies and scientific research in the field of exact sciences.

Education in the USA is a quality investment in your future, an opportunity to gain practical knowledge and to get acquainted with a new culture. Diplomas of US higher education institutions are recognized around the world and offer bright opportunities for employment.

World Class

American Education

Westcliff University is a private university, opened since 1993, located in Irvine, California. It is accredited by DEAC, CHEA and WASC and is among the top three universities in the city.

The main advantages of the program:

  • Paid internship in Europe or another country in the world from the first year of study.

  • High salaries and the possibility of further employment in the United States or Europe.

  • Key world known leaders such as Google, Hyundai, Deloitte, Capital, CATESOL, and the Office of the President of the University of California participated in the development of the university's programs.

  • The possibility to extend study for the 4th year at WU with no extra charge from the university.

  • The student has the possibility to take an active part in trainings and internships from the university for free./p>

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1st year of studying from 6 500 EUR
2nd year of studying from 6 500 EUR
3d year of studying from 25000 USD

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Double Degree

2 years in the Czech Republic + 1 year in the USA

A Double Degree is an opportunity to get two higher education in a short period of time, to increase your competitiveness and to learn at least two foreign languages ​​at a high level. The first 2 years you will spend in Prague, studying in English at the largest state university CULS at the Faculty of Economics and Management with a degree in Business Administration. The third year of study will be held in the United States, in the city of Irvine in English, at the Faculty Management and Entrepreneurship with a degree in Arts in Business Administration.

The main advantages of the program:

  • Saving time: in just 3 or 4 years you will get two diplomas and two different specialties in the Czech Republic and the USA.

  • Savings money: two years spent in the Czech Republic will help you to save up to 80% of your expenses on tuition and living costs (compared to similar expenses in the USA).

  • Experience of learning and living in two different countries of the world. Studying in-person in two countries, you can explore the culture, mentality and history, compare what is closer to you and make your choice.

  • Foreign US graduates have the opportunity to work on a student visa after graduating up to one year.

  • The opportunity of practice and internship while studying at universities in the Czech Republic and the United States.

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